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cFos Broadband Connect

cFos Broadband Connect

cFos Broadband Connect is a high-performance Dial-Up driver for Internet Access with high bandwidth. While the driver shipped with Windows can only transfer up to 4.5 Mbyte/s (= 36 Mbit/s), cFos Broadband Connect sends with 50 Mbyte/s (= 400 Mbit/s). Tested with Gigabit LAN, Pentium ...

Shareware  2,043k 1445 cFos Software GmbH

ADEX Connect

ADEX Connect is a COM component that enables application developers of Microsoft technology to add/remove connections, map/disconnect network drives, add connections to other servers used in their application and access resources from them, and connect to shares using different user names. It has been developed ...

Commercial  866k 1037 Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd

Turbo Connect

Turbo Connect REVOLUTIONARY internet solution. It accelerates any Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP internet connection in seconds. It will boost all your Internet related software including all browser/Email programs ,America Online, Instant Messenger, RealAudio, RealVideo, NetMeeting, NetShow, ICQ, CompuServe, AT&T, Earthlink and many others... More over Turbo Connect® ...

Shareware  30k 1906 Leo van Opstal
Connect and Shar

Connect and Shar

Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or any proxy server to share one Internet connection, modem across your local area network ? Now you can control your Internet connection and modem from any machine. Connect, Disconnect and monitor your modem and Internet connection remotely from any ...

Shareware  262k 1475 PPP Infotech Ltd

Connect Daily Web Calendar

A great looking web calendar that's easy to integrate into your web site. Features include mobile device support, email reminders, public and private calendars, Ajax support, RSS, CSV import/export, and iCal support. Resource management including approvals prevent double-booking and making managing your facility a snap. ...

Commercial  6,953k 459 MH Software, Inc.

HelpBeam Remote Support Quick Connect

HelpBeam Quick Connect lets you instantly connect to and control a remote computer over the Internet, across firewalls and proxies.

Shareware  143k 437 HelpBeam

SingleClick CONNECT

SingleClick CONNECT is a simple, powerful tool for Home and Small Office users to connect, protect and share their digital world.

Shareware  34,089k 279 SingleClick Systems

Layer 2 Cross-Connect

The Layer 2 Cross-Connect takes all packets gathered by a promiscuous interface, changes the MAC address of the packet header, and transmits the packets out a second interface. The primary use of this tool is for a Linux-based MPLS routing system or an I

Freeware  6k 315

Kitty - Direct Connect Bot

KittyDCBot is a Direct Connect (DC) Network robot. This robot is an stand-alone aplication. It can be run on DC client machine, no DC server is needed. The purpose of this robot is to provide entertainment for DC users.

Freeware  95k 398

Messenger Direct Connect Bot

Messenger Direct Connect Bot is a multi-protocol application that suppports the Microsoft MSN Messenger and Direct Connect Protocol. Language: VB .Net 2008 RTM DB: SQL Server 2005

Freeware  3,464k 399

Modularized Direct Connect Hub

A Highly Modularized Direct Connect (dc) Hub (server). Its Core is designed on simplicity and reliability, while the modules provide advanced functionality and compatibility

Freeware  11k 331

Open Direct Connect

Open Direct Connect is a multi-protocol file sharing program that supports the protocol used by Direct Connect ( ).

Freeware  171k 369

Open Source Direct Connect Server

A Direct Connect Hub for Linux and Win32,written in Kylix / Delphi 6, based at the Protocol.OpenDCd supports, nickserv, memoserv, operserv, linking servers (with the offical windows hub too),ban support, public server register...

Freeware  143k 408

PHP Direct Connect WEB-Frontend

provides a fully featured Server-Side WEB Frontend for a famous DCTC ( Direct Connect Text Client ) for Linux/BSD/MacOS systems.

Freeware  244k 525

PHP Direct Connect bot library

A PHP library to facilate the creation of bots that communicate with Direct Connect hubs ( la DC++, DCGUI etc.). Supports private messaging, main chat and interception of search terms.

Freeware  14k 695

Phantom Direct Connect Hub

The Phantom project is a UN*X based Direct Connect Server(Hub) that will allow administrators a highly configuable hub, and provide users with services such as registration via bots and, entering their home page(s) in a database, etc. We

Freeware  33k 369

Phonebill generator for [Alt+]Connect

Java program able to generate a telephone bill for the users of [Alt+]Connect dialup daemon.

Freeware  165k 277

Simple Connect - Peer-to-Peer Helper

Simple Connect offers the ability to safely and simply connect PCs in a Peer-to-Peer environment. Created with Accounting professionals in mind who need to share files while in the field, such as during Audits, etc.

Freeware  66k 233

Auto Dsl Connect

Auto DSL Connect is a bash script that automatically connects to dsl connection in GNU/Linux.

Freeware  2k 715

Bluemote Connect

Automatically connects to wiimotes using a Bluesoleil 6 bluetooth stack. Once connected to a wiimote, a GlovePIE script can automatically be started. If the Wiimote disconnects the GlovePIE script will be killed. Auto connect to wiimotes via bluesoleilRuns GlovePIE script when wiimote connection is madeKill ...

Freeware  27k 256

Borland C++ Connect

This is a Connect for game made in Borland C++ builder. This code should work on all version. I made a netplay version also but I want to change some stuff in it before I post it.

Freeware  656k 387

Connect 4 AI

Connect-4 is a very simple game to learn. It is played on a 8 X 8 board (actually should be 7 x 6 but in this project we changed it to 8 X 8) and, the goal is to get four consecutive cells either horizontally, ...

Freeware  492k 510
Connect SR

Connect SR

Connect SR is your solution for securely delivering content in a multi-screen environment. Think of it as a traffic cop at a busy intersection--protecting content while overseeing entitlements, polices and services where managed networks, over-the-top delivery, and the cloud intersect. Connect SR gives you the ...

Freeware  3,356k 397

Direct Connect Hub Script Creator

Direct Connect Hub Script Creator - Designs Custom Scripts For The DC Hub - Chose Options And Then Hit Preview So You Can See Script Before It Is Actually Written - 20 Operator Functions And 4 Levels Of OPs So Each Level Can Be Given ...

Freeware  1,685k 342

Direct Connect Hublink

DC-hublink is a Direct Connect (DC++) and IRC chat link with anti-flood & autoreconnecting. Very low CPU usage, exclusion of users per hub, large posts, and 'bad words'. For all hubs (NMDC & ADC), all IRC servers, all clients; no scripts needed

Freeware  2,252k 236

Direct Connect Delphi (Client)

Direct Connect ( Client written in Delphi, maybe later portable to kylix/linux. Multi-threaded server connections and down-/uploads. Later on better compression for DcList\'s and advanced communication ways with Dc++ and opendcd (hosted

Freeware  354k 528

Direct Connect Hub File Sharing Server

DC Sharp Hub is a Direct Connect File Sharing Hub written in C# (C Sharp) that will provide connectivity with other peer to peer networks.

Freeware  76k 590

Direct Connect Pro

Direct Connect Pro is a multiplexing, multithreaded, multiuser client daemon for direct connect, which features PAM authentication and a customisable download filter. Direct Connect Pro will soon be superceded by Dolda Connect.

Freeware  103k 303

Hotline Connect

Hotline Connect is a cross-platform, multi-purpose client/server communication software suite.

Freeware  8,827k 520

Rapid Connect

This project aims at incorporating multiple peep-to-peer networks into one convient user-interface. So far it Connects to gnutella protocol (using gnucDNA), and will eventually support nupeer, fasttrack, direct connect, overnet and edonkey protocols.

Freeware  1,426k 282
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